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Happy Birthday To Me!

Yeah, I am now 15, and I added 100 mp3s to CyberDyze just to celebrate that! Oh, and here's a small poem I threw together in 5 minutes:

---Happy birthday to me---

Happy birthday to me! Bobby!
Happy birthday to myself!
I think I'll write some poetry!
Instead of rotting on a shelf!

You might think I'm greedy!
All I think of is myself!
...but through these eyes I see!
A future in fame and wealth!

So if you don't know me now!
You won't like when you know me then!
So I think I'll tell you how!
You should think over life again!

What do you think? It'd be great if you could put a comment to how you rate this poem. =)


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  1. olskoo
    Sunday Sep/5/2021

    ten stars

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Sep/5/2021

    Heeey finally someone actually leaves a comment!

    Much obliged olskoo!

  3. S3C
    Wednesday Sep/8/2021

    WTF ! only I comment on old posts. What are the chances that I responded to a 17 year old post 2 days later??

  4. Cyber
    Wednesday Sep/8/2021

    Starting to wonder if y'all two are possibly the same person.

    How about a rating though S3C?

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