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Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day!

A little something for my dad. A quick doodle in Flash, printed on thick yellow paper too wide to fit in the printer (I experimented, and found out you can print on custom cut-outs as well - as long you align them to the right side, in my case the right side) with a poem on back. It took a snap. Now we're about to celebrate with something in mass and be lax.

So Happy Father's Day all fathers who go farther than lather! And further their hearty harbor! Grow bigger and larger with ardor, embarking on long roads to stardom! Hopefully not lonely-grown and hardened before, or apart from their hearts like a lark on a charter! Don't know what I'm really writing here, I declare my poem was smarter (but it's in Swedish so y'all might not really understand):

Har bara några få bars kvar,
Men hoppas du får en bra dag far!
Med tårta och allt som man ska ha,
För att utan kval och glad va'
Och att dagen blir lagom och ja, bra!
Grattis igen!

Happy Father's Day again.


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  1. Kieran
    Sunday Nov/12/2017

    isnt fathersday in june? or does Sweden celebrate it differently?

  2. Cyber
    Sunday Nov/12/2017

    Yeah, we have a different date, it's the second Sunday in November here. :) I suppose we celebrate the same though! As in: no particular way, just whatever way to best show appreciation and spend time together?

    Mother's Day here is the last Sunday in May btw. Probably different too?

  3. Kieran
    Monday Nov/13/2017

    well mothers day is in May here too

  4. Cyber
    Monday Nov/13/2017

    Oh, cool, maybe there was just some conflicting holiday in June regarding Father's Day... as far as I know we started celebrating these days a bit later than you did.

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