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Happy Feet Two (2011)

Happy Feet Two (2011)

Are blue eyes underrepresented in animated movies? Suddenly I'm aware of how few blue eyes I've seen in other animated music lately...

Anyway: here's a movie about penguins, love, equality, and being who you're meant to be... with a little human cameo in the mix.

Enter partial new main character Erik, a kid of the main characters of the last movie, The Mighty Sven, and maybe a few other new characters cause I don't remember all from the last movie at all. The main characters of the previous are older now, everyone dances, and the ice age is changing...

Also don't forget the krill, Bill and Will, surprisingly (and awesomely) voiced by none other than Brad Pitt and Matt Damon! Suddenly they're the highlight of the story... and in difference from the main event they're a highlight in animation too, fun and totally unexpected; so much unlike the little Erik, who looks cute but doesn't have much else to contribute.

He's small enough to still be naive and oblivious to the hardships of the world, and wouldn't have been my first choice for a good main character. Unlike his dad he can't dance, but I guess he's got some of Pink's genes in him because he definitely finds a calling later on... which is in part what this movie is all about. The other part being saving the penguin populace, with a little bit of that love and quality mentioned above. In other words: a whole lot of political correctness.

It was fun but... also not very new. I don't feel they made as much of this one as they could have, though the krill were an appreciated twist, and the human cameo was interesting. Considering it's an animated movie they blended in surprisingly well, and as mentioned: the krill were killer. Better keep an eye peeled once the ice starts melting for real...

 rated 3/5: not bad


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