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Happy New 2013!

So, 2012 is nearing an end. The minutes are ticking down. Fireworks are already glittering in a sky not yet brightened by gunpowder smog, but it will be, soon. Still 7 minutes remain before midnight, and I'm getting ready to post my final post for the year... or the first post for the next one. Which shall it be? What do I usually do, post the post after the new year, or just before? I'm still working on my list of resolutions, though they're more like challenges, routines that I'd like to implement into daily life, ways in which I'd like to make my life better and ways I'd like to make myself a better person. Every new year is a new chance to improve!

The fireworks are crackling at a higher pace now, so I'll be leaving the screen to watch the cresendo of explosive celebration that takes place outside. No fireworks of my own this year (as usual), but hopefully there's enough to fill the night with bright bright light! Happy New Year everybody! May the new one be prosperous for all of us; as interesting as 2012! Cheers!


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