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Happy Pico Day Again!

Happy Pico Day!

Quick doodle. :)

Couldn't settle on the right color combo so here's a bundle of alternative commemorative centerpieces of simplistic typography and Pico-relevant design for the grand and groovy event that's concurrently going down all over the globe today...

Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day!

Happy Pico Day y'all!


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  1. S3C
    Monday May/20/2024

    No swedish color scheme?

  2. Cyber
    Monday May/20/2024

    Hmm I didn't consider that! Might've worked pretty well too! Blue background, yellow splothces around the text... or straight up flag background and something a bit more neutral up front...

    Next year hmm!

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