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Happy Valentine!

Heart Art

I stayed up pretty late yesterday throwing together this game, a simple drawing experiment where you can make art outta hearts. Made something with it? Send in a printscreen and get listed on this page! ;) So far there's not that much there... but who knows, maybe this little gadget will go viral and I'll have my inbox spammed with crappy creations? :P

It's admittedly a bit of a rushed game, took around three hours to make, and didn't end up quite as I wanted it to. The original plan was to have arrow keys for each heart which you could click to change color (rather than there being piles for all different colors) but I couldn't figure out how to add that feature without an MC with the drag n drop code applied, so... this is it for this year. Yesterday was Dad's birthday as well, we celebrated with cake and stuff (Happy Birthday Dad!), and I did a long overdue uodate on the Hexalist (if you don't know what that is you're not on NG enough!). Twas a busy day.

But a good day too, online and off the online. It's a day late but I thought I'd wish yall a Happy Valentine anyway. Hope ya had a good one!


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