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Happy Valentine!

A great achievement was finally made!
CyberDyze now has its own arcade!
There are 12 games for you to play!
So happy valentine, and have a great day!

This is also my dads birthday!
So we celebrate with gifts and cake!
From all hard work we take a break!
And spread the love and peace and plates!

Visit the arcade!


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  1. Dave
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Happy Valentine! :)

  2. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Happy Valentine to you too! ^_^

  3. n3s
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Happy Valentine!

  4. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Happy Valentine to you too !!! ^_^

  5. Richy
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Happy Valentine Everyone! <3

  6. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Happy Valentine Richy! :D

  7. n3s
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  8. Dave
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    The arcade looks great btw, and happy valentine Richy! News! CyberDevil! :D

  9. Cyberdevil
    Wednesday Jun/7/2006

    Thanks. Much work spent adding all those games. zzz

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