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Hard Boiled (1992)

Hard Boiled (1992)

This movie is just awesome. I've watched it a few times though and it's... loosing a bit of it's charm I must admit, but it's still awesome. If you're looking for HK action, this one has it. Lots of it. it's bloody, intense and down-to-Earth in a way that most movies (not even HK movies) aren't, with a soundtrack the reminds me of the eighties and all the while enforces the atmosphere with an aura of mystique and impending doom. There are occasional glimpses of friendship and hope, but also glimpses of injustice and intolerable cruelty, and it features both one of my all-time favorite antagonists and protagonists at the same time, and I'm sure you'll figure out who they are if you watch it.

There are a few loose-ends, no doubt, but don't let them ruin the experience. Overall it's grimy, gritty and gruelingly real. I could delve into details, but all I have to give the movie is praise so that'd probably only be a lot of spoiler and maybe so much hyping up the viewing experience that when you watch it actually won't exceed your expectations. This is my definite favorite among John Woo movies; one of the classics that no doubt paved his way towards Hollywood. It's Hard Boiled.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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