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Hard Target (1993)

Hard Target (1993)

I've watched a lot of JCVD movies in my day, and I've watched quite a few John Woo movies, but I didn't realize I'd watched both of the two at once before! I remember this. It's iconic. An action movie that looking back maybe could've inspired the swamp hunt in The Marine (2006?).

The villain's played by an equally talented cat there, and the theme's similar, the location's similar; it feels like a real big homage now that I think about it. But THIS, this was the original if so.

It stars firecrackers, exploding barrels, arrows and JCVD's trademark butterfly kicks, and the charming Yancy Butler, as well as the suitable sidekick Wilford Brimley - though he jumps into the story relatively late.

There's one worthy adversary too, played by South African Arnold Vosloo. Lance Henriksen ain't bad either.

It's a story about hunting humans, with a fiery finale, going from New Orleans out to the Bayou with snakes and alligators, though you don't see any of the latter.

Interesting too how it starts out a hunt for a human in a very different sense. A girl just looking for a father.

But it escalates fast, and it's a blast.

The action choreography's a bit messy sometimes but so pompous. There's a bit much slow-mo maybe. A lot of coolness. Killer thriller. Old not newness. But I love this style...

That iconic homeless man in need of help scene too. Makes you think a bit.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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