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Headshot (2016)

Iko Uwais is on a roll lately! And I'm getting addicted to the masterful, macabre art of modern Indonesian almost grind-house like martial arts movies that seem to sweeping over the world these latest years, that it seems other studios (think Hollywood) are fetching inspiration from too. Judge Dread, Deadpool... what else? It's all in the same vein; just a shame the originals don't get enough credit, as grimy as they are.

As far as I'm concerned Hollywood has yet to reach their level as far as fighting goes, and the ferocity. Watching these I wonder how far they can really take it.

Speaking if taking it further: this is definitely a movie in the same vein as The Night Comes For Us, which I watched just recently, but it feels like the latter perfected what they started here. It takes a similar approach, also playing on a main character seeking to escape a certain authority, in a similar way, but does so in such a merciless way in comparison. Watch this first and you'll wonder what I'm talking about. Watch that one after and you'll understand. ;) The chronological way is the right way after all.

The story with this one? It's about a young man who washes ashore with a bullet in his head, is taken in by a nurse, yet one day the dark comrades of his past come again to confront him... Bullet in the Head vibes again huh?

The inspirations do feel familiar, and the action does as well, though sceneries and situations are all new. And the choreography is ferocious. The only thing that keeps it from being flawless in my book are the pauses, certain repetition, and a trail of events that doesn't always follow the red thread enough.

That end though! Damn. It wasn't the most violent; most well-choreographed and/or crazy but it's definitely more of all the former than 90% of the action movies out there. Great watch yet again.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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