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Heart Of The Dragon (1985)

Heart Of The Dragon (1985)

HOTD, you know what that stands for? That grungy fast-paced two-player shooter from the 90s - House Of The Dead, you say? Nah, what are you thinking, it's Heart Of The Dragon of course! A classic martial arts movie with Jackie Chan in it!

The movie features both Jackie Chan and his friend Samu Hung, the latter playing the role of Jackie's mentally handicapped little brother. Though Jackie Chan does all the stunts (except for one scene in which Samu rolls down a mountain) both play important roles, and the occasional action sequences fall in shadow of their friendship, the trials along the way, Jackie's despair at having to take care of Samu.

It's a great movie and surprisingly emotional consider Jackie Chan is in it. Though it's more of a drama than an action movie the fights are equally well-coordinated, and a bit more brutal than the usual Jackie Chan movies. I mean, people actually die in this one! The good guys? I won't spoil the movie for you, despite the age it's well made and well worth a watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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