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Heatwave 2020

It's fucking hot! I want to spit some hot rhymes cause why not?
You hear my fan in the background and it won't stop.
I'm melting in my room it's all I got!
I got shampoo and hair conditioner, but no air conditioner! Aw.

If only we could stop time and get sunblock.
In our atmosphere? Or open all our fridges,
And get inside them. If only we all were midgets.
I can't outride this heatwave but I'm smiling.

Playing that I'm in some exotic desert country!
Casablanca! Sitting on the balcony with Annina Brandal!
Live only the night life there, don't need to sundown or no sunup.
You come out with that globe I'll pull my guns up!

Open all windows let the cool air in, it's you again,
You beautiful, you soothing friend,
But you never ever arrive with too much wind.
It's usually a standstill. If you don't move: my fan will.

This land mine so don't step or landfill bummer you.
Winter will come and kill this summer too,
But is it my imagination or is the whole nation facing
Way warmer seasons now, way warmer summer vacations.

So warm in fact I've got no form and no tact.
I wish it'd rain, bring me a storm with a rap!
Of lighting. Ah yes it can get frighting too!
When you have no lightning conductor just a high tin roof!

But come on now, cool down, just let us just like this light and moon.
And have cool summer nights without this fight and feud.
Heat wave and I'll be like: FUCK YOU.


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