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Hey You! (2022)

Hey You! (2022)

A shy nerdy guy meets a sexually confident woman via an adults-only website, but her life is complicated by the obsessive interest of other men.

Thought this would be a bit like Graphic Designs, 2022. Or Eyes Wide Shut. A sensual; sexual thriller kind of movie... but it was all but that.

It's a relatively harmless, colorful, romantic kind of flick with a guy meets girl kind of scenario - only the girl's a webcam girl - raising money for an orphanage by camgirling online. But just mild camgirling. Nothing crazy.

No unclothed scenes even.

In the end it was a both surprisingly and refreshingly sinless delve into a realm that's all but.

It seems a re-occurring movie theme these days though. Sex.

Like we're in the age of Sodom and Gomorrah again and all. Living in an age of sinful days where our sinful ways are made plentiful and always easily accessible in the online world. But even in this day and age people can really fall in love huh? That's what this movie seems to want to convey.

Abel (the main dude) is definitely a shy guy, but to say Bianca's a sexually confident woman is going overboard a bit. She's just as out of her comfort zone as he is. They're both working in ways they wouldn't really want to, and both living alternate lives... somewhat.

Visually it's a nice movie. Everything's colorful. The light's warm. The people look good. Typical romance, but really... better than I thought it'd be too.

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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