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Hibike! Euphonium (2015)

Hibike! Euphonium (2015)

I stumbled upon this title via a list of anime recommendations earlier this last year, and am I glad I followed that recommendation!

Actually I think it was the only recommendation on the list. One recommendation. It went something along the lines of: watch this.

So I did.

It started off a bit slow. Slice of life. School. Three girls (one in particular) who join a concert band... I wasn't sure I'd keep watching, and yet there was just something about it that kept me in. Maybe the tidbits of knowledge at the beginning: about instruments, and planning, and other behind-the-scenes wisdom from such a place.

It wasn't so much the music, though that part was easy on the ears and beautiful too. But the further in I went, the more apparent it was that its biggest strength was the emotion. The tension. The relations. The onset of nervousness and doubt as the big day neared. The progress they made, as characters, and as a band. Their mindset. Their resolve. How it wavered. How it strengthened. The small things they said, or did, or went through to get better. The little things.

It showed in the animation too, which was clean, bright and slice-of-life-ish, but the tension builds up almost unnoticeably toward the end. And when they're preparing to walk out on stage you're really sitting at the edge of your seat; as wound up as any one in the band about to walk up. Or even the supporter group, who won't be walking. You feel like you're there with them, sharing in the moment, feeling what they're feeling; going through the school of life all over again.

That's what makes it so masterful. It might look like nothing special, but it's a lot like life that way. It becomes as special as you make it.

So maybe everyone gets the same first impressions. Just like the band when they first started practicing. Like: is this worth it? Can I really go so far... with this series? If I try too hard and fail I'll just embarrass myself. Not with the series, of course. You can't embarrass yourself by watching this - though you might immerse yourself enough to feel embarrassed when the characters do! Kumiko, Kousaka, Katou and Kawashima. They're the four main girls.

All I can give is the same recommendation that random stranger gave me: Watch it. If you don't stray from your course, it won't let you down. And to conclude, with a little slice of life wisdom from the show:
You only succeed at your dreams if you say them out loud!

Go on. Once you've seen it maybe you will too.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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  1. S3C
    Tuesday Mar/21/2017

    hmm a 5/5 anime?? how does it compare to Akira??

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Mar/22/2017

    Not nearly as detailed, deep or dystopian... but equally emotional. It's very ordinary plot-wise, which made the connection pretty surprising. No action or such optable awesomeness, just very well-made slice of life.

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