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High Heels (0:54)

You see what I did?
I add a little music
Back when I was a kid
I first learned to use it

The sound waves came from there
My throat as I screamed in despair
I knew from that time back then
That I would rhyme like Eminem

I could write I loved to write
I kept on writing day and night
The bigger the days the goals in sight
Rose and rose like those rose by my window

Until I couldn't see no more!
My goals rose out like steam they poured!
Up the hills they ran a way
The day I realized my talent swayed

Sure I had versives they just need rhythm
Sure I had words with many syllables in them
Only problem is that I couldn't sing
The low tunes only what I could bring

But who knows, if I walk on high heels I just might reach
Higher hills like the ones there those I see in front of me
Where do I really want to be? Up on that stage?
To get there, I know, that something must change


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