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High Risk (1995)

High Risk (1995)

The story starts off with Jet Li as some military officer. A school bus has been booby trapped and his wife and daughter (or was it son?) are in it. Someone called The Doctor calls him and mocks him, asking if he's been able to disarm the bomb yet. He tells his assistant to cut the red wire (one out of two choices) and... the bus blows up.

We skip forward some years to a time when he's working as a bodyguard and stunt double for his brother, Frankie, a martial artist (who acts a bit like Jackie but fights a bit like Bruce, and is probably meant to be a parody of both), and then one day... shit hits the fan! They both get involved in a complex coup/hostage situation... and it turns out The Doctor is the one pulling the strings.

There's a car chase in a building, a car in an elevator, a car bursting out of an elevator, snakes, helicopters, crazy firepower, martial arts, drama, love, comedy, action, adventure - this movie pretty much has it all! The level of realism isn't too high, but it's not meant to be, so you'd better watch the movie wanting to be entertained. If you liked movies like Black Mask and City Hunter there's a High Risk you'll love this, it's like a mixture of both, HK action when it is as best!

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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