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His-Etat-is-ON (Remix)

AKA Bionic, Bionic Name...

Cyberdevil back on it going demonic!
Can he try to go high fly supersonic?
Y'all don't know the kind of level that I'm eyed on!
Fly on! High dawn! Times up! Try on!

Striving to be the most better emcee
Spit the venom with ease get every letter to crease
Glue 'em in at the seams and never seize with the beat
It goes goes goes goes never sleeps dawn inevitably

Comes crawling! No plans to stop no stalling
I plan to rock all Halloween Eve this wee morning!
Y'all better peep on in we got the beat I think
Greet ya you won't ever sleep again!

Plan B was to lock and load it!
Today away but I ain't got no motive!
The wait is done and it'll all be over!
In a moment, hooold up flow just got colder.

Did you think I'd be bitten by these fast paced
Half-ass takes in this roundabout rat race?
Mishaps with a r-r-round recently but hack the clock
Cyberdevil said that the track won't stop!

We go on we go on we go on one take!
Oh-Same ma-ma-ma-ma-mama man I need that pace!
Low on time today so keep it safe
Sweep the stakes, weep away if you need embrace

Much love love love love love love love love love love...


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