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His-Etat-is-ON (Remix) (0:43)

Recorded this one a while ago now! Day after Inktober.

Hopefully somewhat found a balance in mixing clarity and madness here. :) Felt I needed a challenge yeah. And thanks for a (this time pretty cray cray) beat again @Oh-Sama! A bit late but you know how it go though! Here you go folks. Not perfect but so so? Leftover solder.

Intrigued to hear any thoughts on the slight vocal distortion thing too. Seems possibly useful...

Possibly interesting trivia: I originally recorded this for one of the Inktober bonus verses this year, but wasn't happy with the recording then; didn't have time to properly process it. The working title for it at that point was simply Bionic, and for some reason Audacity couldn't save the project file as 30.5 - Bionic! It worked fine if I added a word to it though.

And I'm still not totally happy with this but what the hell y'all I'm Cyberdeviall (better just post it)!

Lyrics here.


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