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Hitman (1998)

Hitman (1998)

Another great Jet Li movie from the old days. As usual he plays the kind kinda guy, to the point where you may start thinking he's naive - but if you think that you'll soon notice how wrong you are.

Come from mainland China, he's in HK to become a killer and earn some extra money and build a house for his mom... sounds like a comical story no? There is plenty of comedy, but along with that, there's intensity and intrigue that most of these HK movies don't have. He gets recruited by an agent, who turns out to not be an agent at all. He falls in love with this agents daughter, who has a lawyer boyfriend, and meanwhile there's a revenge fund on a hundred million dollars going out to whomever can kill the killer of a certain rich Japanese man, all kinds of criminal crooks are involved, and amidst them there's a set of interesting characters that eventually all get together and have a showdown with a final all-but-bland-bout of flashy fighting. That's the main event!

I feel the soundtrack really enforces the story too. It's nothing complex but it does a great job at building up an atmosphere - even when you sometimes don't notice the sound. Great actors, great action; overall a work of art from the heyday of HK craze.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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