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Hopes For The New Year

So, I have a few goals I plan on achieving in the year after the one that ends in just a few hours. I did complete most of the missions I set for myself last year, and I hope this year will be just as good. Have finished all the small Japanese/Dinosaur courses I've been studying at the university this year ( only have 1 small test rerun Jan 14 ) so it's time to move on into new terrifying territories. I have a lot of things planned, both in real life and on the net. So here's a short list for the public to comment/criticize on and remind me as time flows. :P

- Get a drivers license.

- Get a book published.

- Get my songwriting business running.

- Reach 10,000 Posts/Reviews at NG.

- Get in good shape again.

- Run the Polar Arctic Circle Marathon, in June.


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