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Horndogs Beach Party (2018)

Horndogs Beach Party (2018)

Thought this one might be a bit like American Pie but... not so much.

It's the story of two guys and two girls who go to the beach to have a party.

That's it.

Script's simple. Acting's simple. There's boobs for extra viewership. There's a sadomasochistic dominatrix as presentator and occasional in-between-scenes commentator and there's some beach... in-movie it's a pleasant trip; satisfying in its successful simplicity. The main cast overcome their obstacles - two annoying beach party competitors - and get the girls - and so the sun sets on this simple spring break centerpiece.

This is as amateur as amateur movies gets. I really wish they'd managed to get some better cameras and boom mics. The main cast do have charisma so it's not all bad after all but... leaves a bit to be desired.

Not terrible, but not good enough to feel like time spent well watching.

 rated 2/5: decent


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