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Hostel: Part 3 (2011)

Hostel: Part 3 (2011)

I wonder what movies I've watched since the last one that let me see something like this and feel like they've actually toned it down since the prequels? Yet I don't think I remember wrong in that they really had a whole other level of discomfort with the first one, opted for a more sexual form of perversity with the second, and this time went a bit of a hybrid with all three, with a bit more of the commonly reoccurring theme: all-out vengeance. In the end the organization is over. Blown up. Lead figures merked... unless the main character decides to take over that reign again.

All but the final explosion was great though. They're masters of their craft at this point, both with the characters, the gore, the grueling pace and the little twists that all make this what it is... but it takes the edge off of it a bit when it decides to go all-out and conclusive. And it takes a wrong turn when it decides to go to Vegas. It's just not in that same place anymore.

The taxi driver bit still has me baffled too. Loose ends. Maybe there'll be a sequel to tell more, maybe not, but if the loose ends were intentionally loose ends than they didn't really end those the right way either, in a way that: this might not be the end after all.

Not a bad sequel or horrorcore gore movie overall, but just not quite like the first two.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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