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Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz (2007)

Hot Fuzz is a movie I watched a long time ago, and now, I watched it again!

The first time I watched this movie I wasn't really that impressed with it. Well sure it was a good movie and all, but compared to the predecessor in the director duo whom I don't remember the names of (their previous movie was Shaun of the Dead), it didn't have that much action. Okay, forget that, there's a lot of action, but it's all very laid back. Wait wait, forget I said that, the action can be pretty intense at times, but it's still not very... bloody? Nah, it's blood enough, it's just... I don't know what it is. Maybe it's just the fact that everybody is shooting everywhere and not hitting anything that makes it seem somehow... mild. And nobody gets killed, either, they just get hurt. Mostly. But I shouldn't be complaining. Apart from the not-so-life-threatening fire-blasting this movie is a masterpiece.

The filmography is just awesome. All the transitions are awesome. The fact that they actually record the scenes from so many different angles, and film from many different locations even when the result will just be clipped into a short flashback, makes the movie a real pleasure to watch. Combine that with the sound effects, or maybe the enhanced sound of everyday effects (like the train, keys, a refrigerator opened, all in quick sequence!) and it's just... well I don't know. Words are running out. As with Shaun of the Dead, this is one of those movies that just seems perfect. Every aspect of the characters is perfect. In every scene everything is filmed from just the bright place, to convey just the right thing. Small details add to the mix and the directors bag of tricks is quite large.

It's an action comedy with a... twist? Nah, it's just a friggin great action comedy. Not as much action as I hoped, but it's not like it ever gets dull either. Script: perfect. Filmography: perfect. Great actors, too, and not your typical assortment, though a few from the Shaun of the Dead do make a re-appearance. I take it they're all buddies? Hope they'll appear in a ton of more films! And this year, third third movie is being made. Whoohah. :)

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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