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How Much Can You Take

How much can you take before you break! And fall into a heap, and weep for weeks and weeks until it fades.
How much can you take before your weakness shows through and goes boom, and nothing really matters in a quake.
How much can you take until the gray days fade away, in the hazy gale of spring, and living things begin.
How much can you take until you realize that just taking and not giving: is not really living. In the wake.

In the wake of new realizations!
Of new revelations!
Choices you'll be facing every year!

In the wake of accommodations!
Of new innovations!
Voices you'll be hearing on a whim!

In the face of nothing-really matters!
Where nothing really matters!
Poise questions and you might get a sting!

Life it does not like to answer!
They grow on like a cancer! Those questions.
You'd better get them surgically binned.

So how much can you take before it all fades, wondering these hallways, wondering things all day?
How much can you take before the calling, before the rise or falling, before the wall absolves sin?
How much can you take of new religion, or ends and new beginnings, of lights that shimmer simply in your face?
How much can you take before it's all through, and then you reach your All Blue, and nothing is at stake but all your kin.

In the wake of new days and tomorrows!
Of humanity and sorrow!
Of grief you cannot begin to imagine!

Of light shows and slowly sinking daggers!
A pain that makes you haggard!
If only you could give it to the wind!

Of new dooms, and dunes in all the verdence!
Yet no one else deserves hurt!
But you'd rather give them all a sting!

Because touch, is such a human harbor,
Why should you be a martyr?
Everything that goes around is grim.

Until it goes around, and you realize pound for pound, that even though it's heavy it's akin.
Like the skin that you bear on your chin. How much can you take, before that skin breaks.


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