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How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

The main character does sound a bit apathetic sometimes, and the narration's not all that fluent, but what does that matter when it's got... dragons! :D

In the land of Berk, there are vikings, and they are at constant war with these beasts of the skies. In the heat of a nightly battle our main character, the very un-Viking-like (scrawny and thin as he is) Hiccup nets a Nightshade - the most fearsome dragon of all, and yet, nobody believes him.

He finds the dragon in the forest later, wounded and unable to fly. Though everyone wants only to kill these fire-breathing beasts, he realizes they are not so unlike after all, and together they bond and grow

In his training, everyone's surprised at how he can suddenly keep the beasts at bay with the most mundane items, like smoked eel or herbs. He realizes why the dragons attack the village, even though they're really not that evil critters, but will his father ever understand, and will the Vikings ever change their ways? Of course, there's a girl too, and of course, she's the first to stumble in on his secret. And of course, his father does change his mind and they all jump up on dragons and fly off into the sunset together!

It's a feel-good type of movie, with a flare of drama and action, and characters you'll sort-of grow to love. Also: dragons! Nicely animated in all their fearsome grandeur and fire-spouting might.

It might be aimed at a somewhat younger audience than mine, but you never really grow tired of movies like this, do you? It's simple and pure, and plenty suspenseful. And educating too, if ever you happen to stumble upon one of these beasts in the wild. ;) Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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