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How Will 2011 Workouts Work Out?

So... some workout plans for the new year. ;)

There's a new gym nearby. I went to check it out with my cousin David and it seems really nice. Plenty of space, large windows, just above ground-level, new machinery & not too many customers yet. They're offering a week free to try it out, so I'll be trying it out for a week, and if it seems good, all the way till summer. Last years plans didn't really work out, my state of health has been going up and down like an elevator. Three days jogging, long walks, then an all-nighter with tons of unhealthy snacks and a day inside after, then some weight-lifting, maybe jogging a couple of days, then no jogging for maybe a week. Like that, a that not good like, lmao. This year is going much better. I've already stomped in a nice routine during the January that passed. Three times a week I do...

- 50 Situps
- 20 Pushups
- Dumbbells!
-- 50x 5KG & 20x 15KG while standing up (each hand)
-- 50x 15KG while lying down
-- At least 10x 5KG to the sides, arms straight
-- Wristtraining, holding dumbbell in hand with arm stretched out, moving wrist only
-- Lots o stretching

Sometimes a bit more, but never any less. ;) Feels good but I'm still far from optimal shape, the gymming will be a useful addition. Come summer I'll get plenty of exercise up north, it's the dull winter after that I usually fall behind. Who's really motivated enough to do any intense workout when all you see is clouds? Sun is shining now though. ;)


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  1. S3C
    Monday Jan/7/2019

    this post has 1 comment but it doesn't appear...deleted spam?

    I would go if it wasn't for my crippling gym anxiety. atleast I get 2-3 miles walking Mon-Fri. Hmm, maybe things will change this semester if my friend doesn't flake...

  2. Cyber
    Monday Jan/7/2019

    Hmmmm that could be. Potential bug? Thanks for pointing that out. Right now all I see is this one (on all counts).

    I never really got into that gymming routine, stayed for half a year and then... back to normal. Currently working out at home only. Definitely is easier if you have a buddy to go with though. Motivationally as well as just-don't-care-about-all-the-others-who-are-there.

  3. Cyber
    Monday Jan/7/2019


  4. S3C
    Tuesday Jan/8/2019

    yeah it stayed as 1 comment when I posted: check out page 54 (from 2011 entries) the blog "stop thinking start doing" also has 1 phantom comment.

    EDIT: oh cool I can make edits now. New feature?

  5. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/8/2019

    Yupp, new feature. :) I've had my eyes on the plugin a while, figured it was about time I add it. It's pretty slick eh! Just five minutes, but hopefully useful for any last minute additions and errors. I got teh admin privileges myself so...

    Checking the page and yeah... that's weird. No show of anything via the admin panel either. :/ Not sure what I can do about that... ah, fixed. Posted a comment and deleted it, and that fixed the count. Wonder what weird plugin or bug of the past might've caused that...

  6. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/8/2019

    Speaking of new features btw, I tried installing a 'get notifications on new responses via email' thing too, but that didn't work, so I'ma have to look some more there. One of the problems being on a shared host is that they have some pretty intense limits on how emails can be sent out (people send out SPAM), so anything that involves sending emails is way more difficult than it needs to be...

  7. Cyber
    Tuesday Jan/8/2019

    On a somewhat related note: I kinda miss that phantom comment now...

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