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Hunter X Hunter - Phantom Rouge (2013)

Hunter X Hunter - Phantom Rouge (2013)

Hunter X Hunter has been - apart from One Piece - pretty much the only anime series I've been following passionately the past two years. I just found out they've made a movie for it, I watched it, and I was... disappointed.

The plot is this: Killua gets his eyes stolen, it turns out there's a puppet master out to steal all their eyes, they fight him, the rest of the Spiders (their enemies) get involved and help out, they keep spouting bullshit, saying each other's names over and over again, emphasizing the value of friendship until it gets tiring, fighting together, helping a girl, yada yada. By normal anime standards I guess it'd be OK.

But the Hunter X Hunter atmosphere wasn't there at all, not the despair nor the sense of adventure; more importantly not the surprise that puts this series in a class of its own. The unexpected never happens. It's so predictable it's embarrassing. HxH is a great series, so of course I had great expectations on a movie with it's name... it just didn't hold up to that name. :/

 rated 3/5: not bad


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