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Hunting Emma (2017)

Hunting Emma (2017)

This one was so close to a five! Holy shit. South Africa can make movies. I was expecting something in style with I Spit On Your Corpse, but those expectations blew away fast. This wasn't all loose ends. This wasn't all shock value and sex appeal. This actually had a story. The characters were tough, the action heavy, and the scenery too: it was a whole other world.

They delve into the murky depths of human nature along the hunt, and though Emma does go a bit overboard once she starts overcoming her pacifism that's part of movie too. It sets the mood. True grit. Solid performance Leandie du Randt - just tone down the breathing a bit.

And that pacifism was an entertainingly ironic detail in the beginning.

The set of villains weren't bad either. They were a small but solid group, and apart from the one guy who was supposed to not be they all seemed like authentic tough guys. All in all a low budget movie done well, with credible violence, desolate scenery and a close-knit cast that really went in for their roles.

I'm happy to realize I can still stumble upon a movie - a budget one no less - and be totally blown away by it.

There are better worlds than Hollywood's after all.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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