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Hush Little Baby (2017)

Hush Little Baby (2017)

AKA Nanny Nightmare.

I wasn't expecting great things from this movie, but it surprised! TV only as it was. The atmosphere and plot reminded me of both The Stranger and Sleep Tight (which were both disturbing).

It's about a babysitter - a teenage boy, who walks in on a happy family during a moment of hardship, and slowly turns that hardship to his benefit. In becoming a part of the family, in taking over the husband's life, and in attempting to raise their baby together. You'd better expect a killer twist at the end too!

There's not particularly much action, and not particularly much variation regarding scenery and script, but it builds up the mood masterfully, and the actors aren't bad. Some better than others. Props to Erin Cahill in particular. With an all-star cast and a bit bigger budget this could've been on par with the best of them! It's a solid thriller as is.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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