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I Am Legend (2007)

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It seems like Will Smith always gets all the good roles, especially lead roles and especially in awesome movies like this, but then again, he is a great actor...

Anyway, about the movie itself, it's a great movie. It takes place in a post-apocalyptic world roamed by zombie-like creatures at night, completely vacant during the day, except for Will Smith, that is. Cause he was immune to whatever wiped out the rest of the population, and in NY, he is now the only person still alive. He goes about his regular routines, hunting deer in the city, driving a Mustang, golfing from a rusty cargo ship, saying 'Hello!' to mannequins behind the glass, experimenting on zombies in his basement, etcetc. It all changes when he meets a survivor, though, and it looks like the zombies are getting smarter, too!

This movie was actually released in two versions, one were he dies at the end and one were he survives. I hope I'm not spoiling the movie by saying so, cause you probably don't know which version you'll be watching anyway, and it's not saying much about how the movie really ends. :) It's a good movie. At times it is a bit... empty, not much going on, but as it progresses it gets more and more exiting. Kinda like Night of the Living Dead.

It's not your typical zombie movie as there aren't people getting limbs torn off and blood and gore and guts everywhere, but still, it is a zombie movie. If you like those, or you like the last-man-on-Earth type of movies, this is a must-see, with one of my favorite actors as lead character too. :)

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

March, 2022

I Am Legend (2007)

Watched this one again just to see how on point Will Smith's acting was... I couldn't remember. But damn. It is memorable! I should have [remembered]. Maybe it was too much. Maybe that's why I tried to forget.

Saw the alternative version again where they all survive, though, and it does lack a bit of the desperation of the other, original one. And the CGI hasn't aged perfectly. But for the first third or so of the movie it might just be the most thorough zombie apocalypse movie I've ever seen, and the notion of loneliness comes across so hard too. Damn Sam.

Strange the loss of the dog somehow weighs heavier than that of the wife and daughter. But the butterfly circle is masterful, and Bob Marley was one impressive man.

Would've been interesting with a sequel too. To see the world here might've changed after these events transpired. Zombies and humans co-existing peacefully, side by side?! Might be the first movie to almost manage that strange kind of symbiosis.

Marley style. The people who try to make the world a worse place don't take a day off, so how can we? Where there's life there's hope. If it's by God or by your or whomever's plan it is we abide by and follow. Ganbatte.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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