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I Am Omega (2007)

I Am Omega (2007)

It's one more zombie movie! And one on a budget at that, and yet it's one that stands out among others because this one features Mark Dacascos - martial artist extraordinaire and one of my favorite B-movie actors. Though he's good, the rest of the movie unfortunately isn't.

The martial art sequences - the one feature I was most looking forward to: they were OK, but most of the action was pretty sub-par. The movie has a grimy grungy B-movie feel to it regarding zombies, and fights, and emotions, and though some things look good a lot of it looks like it's very low on budget - maybe they spent most of it on the main character?

The plot's cliche too. Renchard (that's Mark) saves a girl, but runs into some tough guys who betray him, kidnap this girl and leave him for dead, and he tries to get her back. That's it, basically. There's also something about him searching for a cure, and losing his family, but there are so many loose ends and such a big lack of back-story that you don't ever feel very involved in the fate of their world, or them.

The world's saturated and brown. The special effects are crap. It's not the best movie, and definitely not on par with I Am Legend but... it was OK. A small cast, a small world, and most of all a small budget. I guess they made the best of it.

 rated 2/5: decent


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Nov/2/2016

    was it bad?? looks pretty cool from the wallpaper

  2. Cyber
    Wednesday Nov/2/2016

    Yeah, I had hopes too, which probably made the score lower due to drastic gap in expectation/delivery ratio. :/ The wallpaper's pretty cool at least.

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