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I Am Paul Walker (2018)

I Am Paul Walker (2018)

Here's an intimate, yet not all that personal, portrait of the one and only, with clips from movies, and bits of interviews from his nearest and dearest - Tyrese (I'm really starting to respect this dude) and Cody in particular. Though I'm missing his wife, and most of the Fast and Furious cast. I wonder why they didn't join in.

It feels a bit incomplete that way, and unlike his life's work it also feels commercial. Like they wanted to get this documentary out quick to ride on his wave of fame and unfortunate demise, and though I appreciate the gesture of giving this glimpse behind his name - and doing it in such a positive way, I feel that is a shame. Is this what he would've wanted?

It feels a bit quick, and it doesn't tell the full story. The title, too. I Am Paul Walker. It's as if it was made by him. And it wasn't. Who's directing? Adrian Buitenhuis. A stranger. He's not involved with any of Brian's prior movies. He's not family. I question his intentions, and especially so consider he's made a couple of similar documentaries with similar titles, starring the also unfortunately deceased Heath Ledger, and Sam Kinison. The latter doesn't ring a bell. I might just have to watch that one.

Can't say this was a bad documentary, because it did give a pretty good picture of who Paul was, and a good picture, mixing happy childhood photos with newer footage - both of him when he was alive, and those who knew him later on - but it's not all it could've been. Too possibly purposed on profit. Too short. Too intent. Too soon.

The ending in Fast & Furious 7 seemed like a more honorable tribute, even if this one didn't do anything particularly wrong.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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