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I Am Soldier (2014)

I Am Soldier (2014)

This entire movie is like one long commercial for the SAS, the most special and elite group of forces in the world (according to this movie). It tells the tale of two friends, and of their journey getting into the SAS, getting through strenuous training (it really is a pretty exciting venture, despite the lack of bloodshed in its initial stages) and then finally in the last few minutes of the movie we get one big action scene. And it's good action, slick and pro-like.

The movie also has one of the grittiest interrogation scenes I've ever seen. It has overall great acting, and great action. And what it does most of all is manage to seem incredibly professional. All the way until that final scene the discipline is like clockwork, but even more so in training than in the actual action the soldiers are all impressively professional about their work and ethics. Great atmosphere, great actors; great watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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