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I Grow Everyday I Wake Up

Yo I woke up late today coasting through the tunnels where my fate rests fatal gray
I don't want to stay in the dark so I embark to a brighter adjacent cave
I don't know what I chase, maybe it's all just a phase before my grave
But why so serious, why so grave? I'm feeling a bit bitter but that's just my way

I am a bitter fool but I'm no crazy tool and I'm not lazy, no way I'll lose I'm not like you
I may not meet my deadlines but it's not cause I don't have the will
I'm chasing demons I got demons to kill

Every morning I wake up and I'm forming illusions
Casting my shadow in a storming confusion
Clouds run hither, ready to battle but I slither
Like the snake I am away like a ghastly critter

I'd rather spend my days holed in in my cage
Holding my own faith holy like a cold... snake


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