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I, Robot (2004)

I, Robot (2004)

Looking back, maybe Will Smith didn't do Isak Amanov's legacy total justice after all. He turned a mindful book (I've read it since last time I watched this) into a blockbuster - although I did enjoy it, and the topic is as relevant as ever today. Just maybe not so much regarding robots as - that which it's really all about - AI.

In the movie Will Smith plays the robot-hostile detective/cop Del Spooner, sent to uncover the truth behind Dr.Lanning (the father of all robots)'s unfortunate death, all the while a new model of robots are being introduced in the city. Something's fishy... the more he uncovers the more get on his back, until finally... well, watch the movie; you'll see. :)

The special effects stood the test of time well! Some are simple, but they're thorough too. The inconsistency with how the robots can't keep up with humans (at least one particular one) yet in robot VS robot battle fight or catch up to one another at speeds none of the humans could ever manage... let's just disregard that bit. Let's forget about the final explosion and the car chase too, as those effects were a daze, but everything else - robot design included, still looks pretty damn good.

I like the future this movie builds up, the oldskool ways of our main character, and the clash they provide. The shrink (played by Bridget Moynahan) isn't bad either, even if she comes across aggravatingly naive in expression sometimes... almost like she might be a robot herself.

And the title doesn't really match. I, Sonny, isn't it? But it was great. Not perfect but way better than I remembered it, and maybe the best movie to really solidify the AI threat yet. It's the most fundamental, yet most dangerous idea, that to save humanity humanity itself must be destroyed. Or enslaved. Or something equally nefarious, yet scarily logical.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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