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Ice Age (2002)

Ice Age (2002)

The first movie in the Ice Age trilogy (though it's more than a trilogy by now) was just perfect. It started perfect, it kept going perfect, and at the end I was perfectly satisfied with everything I had just watched. I've tried to analyze the reason why I liked this movie so much, but never came to much of a concrete conclusion. It's probably the mixture of intricate comedy, combined with the so very graphical personalities depicted in the set of main characters, and the animation style that looks both fresh and clearly animated, without being too unnatural. But maybe it's the plot that's the main factor of interest.

It's a tale of friendship. Well, what it really is, is a tale of three different mammals working together to take a human baby back to his herd, but the movie is not really about the baby, but of these three mentioned characters and their trials and rites and the relationships that develop. There's Sid, the sloth. There's Manfred, the mammoth. And there's Diego, the tiger (sable tooth... err, sabre tiger?). It's a strange and unnatural combo, and though they really don't have much (anything?) in common the story brings them together. It's a constant clash, a challenge, and the line of obstacles are all both humorous and suspenseful... not to mention creative and mindfully entertaining.

Apart from the characters there's plenty of scenery. It's a complex movie in it's simplicity, and the sequels will never peak my interest levels as this one did. Why? Because in the sequels the characters are already introduced. There are no more twists, no more revelations, no more bonds to forum, just bonds to modify and more adventures. This movie is simple, elaborate and perfect. It's a classic. It won't get better than this until they introduce some new characters (without keeping the old ones) and a brand new setting. I'm not saying I didn't like the sequels, but sometimes I feel like this would've shone much brighter if they left the rest of this series for daydreams and wonder.

 rated 5/5: friggin awesome


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