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Ice Age 5 - Collision Course (2016)

Ice Age 5 - Collision Course (2016)

Manny, Diego, and Sid join up with Buck to fend off a meteor strike that would destroy the world.

It would've been great if that really was the plot, but unfortunately everyone else in their respective families get dragged in as well - even Sid's grandma, and family relations are high on the list of priorities - at times higher than plot progression and suspense.

The adventure's fun, but at the same time there's just too many animals involved - and unlike previous movies it lacks a sense of villainy. Even the bad guys here aren't all that bad, and eventually team up with the good guys to make the world a better place. The threat looms high in the sky, but never feels all that dangerous. Has the sense of adventure been outplayed? Is Scrat's venturing off into space on his quest for the One Acorn just a bit too much?

Whereas the original movie - and to some extent also the sequels - felt grounded and truthful, this is just too wacky. It's all about wacky. I'd like to whack the characters on their furry or feathery craniums and tell them to get their shit together and stop goofing around non-stop. That used to be Sid's job, but though he's still his goofy self, a wide repertoire of other goofy character continually (and unintentionally) attempt to outgoof him. If it wasn't already taken, they could've called this:
A Goofy Movie.

It wasn't bad overall, but the poetic jargon, wit, unintentional fuzz and fresh-paced finesse that was so prevalent in the originals is but a specter of the former whole. The animation may be better, but everything else is a farce. Watch it for a good dose of fun, but don't expect anything fancy.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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