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Ice Soldiers (2013)

Ice Soldiers (2013)

I'm seeing Dominic Purcell in a lot of places lately. Well actually just Vikingdom before this, but since the Blade Trinity movie I don't think I've seen him anywhere else. His rather apathetic style of acting is... rather apathetic, and yet he seems like one of those down-to-Earth people who looks a bit like Mel Gibson. Down-to-Earth'ness and melgibsonishnish are entirely separate btw.

As for the movie, it details a search (and find) of three genetic super-humans frozen somewhere in the icy tundra. They kill their captors, one of them rapes a scientist and then they leave. Fifty years later, a new scientist is back, on the same spot, once again searching for these three 'men'. He finds them, and things go bad. It's a minimalist movie as much in story as in scenery and filming, but it works. It delivers. Like a bedtime story it takes you in, gives you a message, shows you some action and then leaves you both inspired and satisfied. No more no less. Good watch!

 rated 3/5: not bad


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