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Icon (2005)

On the eve of the elections in Russia, there's an outbreak of a mysterious disease. The British are curious to find out what's going on, so they need to send someone. An official knows someone, Jason Monk, an American Agent who worked deep cover in Russia during the Cold War. He approaches Monk, who initially refuses till he tells Monk that he can help him settle some...

Based on a novel by Forsyth.

2005? It looks... older. Nineties, more like.

It's political drama/action, about tensions between Russia and the US, and a great biological outbreak - many, actually - camouflaged as terrorism as to rid the world of particular creeds of people...

One might draw parallels to the new world order ~2020 if one didn't know better.

It's not bad! I like the characters. I like the action. The pace and execution though... not as good. You're thrown into it all right away and you conclude in a haphazardly manner. More political than decisive. But I guess they compromised.

There are some good sights. It looks professional. And the characters both look and play their parts, they just act out said parts in pretty cliché ways.

Good but definitely not the best of its kind. I feel like there may be more though, prequels and/or sequels, the way we never really get introduced to the characters when it all begins...

 rated 3.5/5: not bad at all


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