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If You Listen...

If you listen, you know twice as much.
You know everything you know and everything the other guy knows.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday Mar/16/2023

    I know very little of what the other guys knows and moreover, know much more than what the other guy presented. Wouldn't nearly be doubling everything I know. In fact, my IQ lessened by listening to the other guy's drivel, which he sabotaged me into listening to.

  2. Cyber
    Thursday Mar/16/2023

    That sounds like the kind of mindset that'd keep you from actually learning what the other guy knows! XD I take this to mean you'd learn maybe not directly practical and applicable know-how but more so perspective; experience; qualities of a nature you might not be able to attain or find on your own; via the attributes you do hold that currently direct the nature of your own learning and let you hone in more on knowledge you know would benefit you by means of what you know already...

    The point being: you might not know yourself exactly what you need to learn to better channel the knowledge you already know, or even exactly what you already do know, in which case an unrelated party may amplify said knowledge exponentially.

  3. biterr
    Saturday Mar/18/2023

    As someone who's overhearing people for a long time I can confirm this theory as truth. I know much.

  4. Cyber
    Sunday Mar/19/2023

    *insert applicable quote about how the more you know the less you know you know :P*

    For sure though, I agree, I may not always be the most open-minded with the wisdoms I overhear, but there is a lot out there... gotta at least keep an open ear.

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