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I'll Regret Nothing

Writhe inside, I'm not obliged
I'll get by, get high on life
You're on a roll, inside my soul
I'll let you go, I'll let you go

You do not own, not but a bone
You have no power, no control
You're not my heart, you're not my mind
I'll leave you dark, I'll leave you blind

I'll let you go!
I'll let you go!
I'll let you free!
So you let me be!

I'll let you out!
I'll let you out!
So let me fear!
And let me doubt!

Within this state of apathy I feel, lonely,,,
Within this state of apathy I feel, homely?
I don't like your answer!! I don't like your tone!!
You tell me to keep lying: I yell a grueling NO!

I'd rather let a yell or cry, pass this petty biding by
I'd rather choke you till you die, until you take a step in line
You're but a speck in time, regret of mine
Like a flustered fly, a speck, a little buzzer

I'll swat you with all the courage I can muster. Buster!
You'd better run and hide.


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