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I'm Not A Quitter...

I'm not a quitter, I'm just not a good starter.

Don't think I've ever related to a single quote as much as this one!


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  1. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/19/2024

    You quit your blog for about a month😑

  2. S3C
    Wednesday Jun/19/2024

    Do emoticons work here now. What will become if the classic CyberD emoticons

  3. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/20/2024

    lmao! XD And I did start it way back in the day... touché. It's all flipped around now.

  4. Cyber
    Thursday Jun/20/2024

    Interesting! ✨✨✨✨

    It seems the database uses the utf8mb4 charset, so unicode emojis are supported too... I wonder if it's possible to replace some of those with my own, it should be...

    Fear not though the classic will be here always also!

  5. S3C
    Saturday Jun/22/2024

    Yeah sure is quiet around these parts right before it gets REAL quiet around these parts

  6. Cyber
    Saturday Jun/22/2024

    It sure is quite quiet yes lest S3C stops by pre-summer with a light sesh of emoji noting brightness!

    Times are going quick though, soon going out of this door, I'll be back with a sick flow, before times feel abysmal, pre-winter and the killer days that fill our will with rage. NG to the core though! To prove I'm still immortal! To keep on with the Portal after harvest time the war slow! Then head to maybe Krakow or to Spain or to Warsow, the North's cold, but Bareclona's warm just like a sore nose...

    *Official quietness commencing*

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