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I'm Stronger Than This

I once lived a good life but it turned on me
And I'm no longer in bliss
Clench my fists cause I still exist
But at times I just wish that

Simple things should be simple
But they turn complex when I'm confronted I'm weak!
I stand up and I walk every day
But I can barely carry the pain I'm going cra-zy

It's tearing into my brain I'm not lazy
I want to make a life but life makes ME
Tired of sacrifice tired of acting nice
Tired of being tired, what I'm trailed for every day

I'm stronger than this

I used to wake up happy but now I can barely sleep
Once I sleep I sleep deep and I barely eat
And when I wake up I don't feel like I
Should really feel cause

I'm not free
I'm caged and what cages me... is - ME!


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