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Just gotta spread this awareness. Stay humble! Source.


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  1. S3C
    Thursday May/10/2018

    Google returns 260,000 more results for "in my honest opinion" but I've always known it to be "in my humble opinion" nonetheless the former doesn't make sense because opinions cannot be humble, by definition.

    what kind of sicko uses tabs after punctuation...

  2. Cyber
    Friday May/11/2018

    Depressing. XD Yeah I've always known it to be humble too. Does bother me that others may read my abbreviations differently, as I'm always honest, but only truly humble by specification. It's not so much about the opinion as in how you present it though isn't it? Even if in a way opinions are already humble by definition. If they weren't they'd be truth (or would be believed to be).

    Yeah that's just...

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