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Immortal Fist - The Legend Of Wing Chun (2017)

Immortal Fist - The Legend Of Wing Chun (2017)

It started like a B-movie, but bang! Goes where you don't expect it.

It's both definitely a movie with both tight budgetary and martial artistic restrictions, but it's got a cool cover, Silvana Caminiti's a suitable main character, and there's definately no artistic restriction to it.

The whole movie is like a homage to the lore of old samurai fan fiction, fighting anime and what-not. Big Bleach vibes - they even have some of the official music. And then there's that Jackie Chan-inspired boob grab scene that eh... that could've been better. The comedy's somewhat basic, but OK.

Some people may not understand the value here, they may not see the dityzing around, running and flipping in attempted choreography and fiery orange range (Bleach OP1 - see what they did there?) of the otherworld as meaningful or artsy enough, but to me it really feels like a passion project.

If you're a fan of the genre then you'll probably like this. If not... well then you'll probably find it pretty meaningless.

It's creative Shounen fighting fantasy action with a girl in the lead role, and as that it's not bad at all. But I think you need some prerequisite fandom.

Maybe they could've chosen a less epic-sounding title, though. Expectations. Surpass them.

 rated 3/5: not bad


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