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In My Tomb At Home (1:15)

Sitting in my tomb at home...
I feel alone but fine cause I'm writing rhyme and then I took a stroll...
And then I ate my lunch and then I slowed my roll and then I watched One Piece...
And then I took a walk again and now I'm beat...

But you'll never get a piece of me!
Not this emcee! Not the Cyberdevil!
Know that I will never seize to be!
I'll leave so much material that I'll live forever!

But is that really what it means to be?
Should I let my fear of death steer my way,
Or is there no fear that tempts me to:
Write rhymes one whole day. Is it?

Sitting in my tomb at home...
I'm alone but good I'm feeling homely now, and I got a work to get to in a night, I'd rather stay here and just write...
And I keep thinking things... and I write them down and then you get a song...
I made myself a limit but I do wonder if I could keep on all night long... could I?

But you'll never get a piece of me!
At least not till I seize to be!
Maybe you can buy a small piece of decay on eBay,
And keep it in your aged cheese pantry!

I have dreams if you can't see!
But they all conflict like I'm buying candy!
And there's just so many many types soooo many types,
Could I keep on all night? I'm sitting in my tomb at home...


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