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In Överkalix I Am

So I'm in Överkalix again, for probably the last time this August. I was going to book a flight back home on September 3, but price made it rise, to fourth, so I'll be here again on the third to sign in to the courses of this semester. Life? The weather is growing cold. I haven't taken a swim in almost a week. I think I will today. The sauna is warm now more than ever, a blaze of birch and pine cones heating the stoned furnace almost every night. Candles are lit to cast away the darkness; it can't get much cozier.

I just recently read through Lord Of The Rings, the whole book, I mean all three books, with both two books each, so I mean all six books. Thanks to Anki I now have the centenary (is that spelled right?) edition, packed with arts made specifically for this book (very skilfully painted too, reminiscent of how the characters look in the movie but with much more focus on surroundings and lights), all three books (duh), a bunch of extra appendixes and maps and family trees and what-not... even the elf alphabet. I'm not such a hard-core LOTR fan that I've read through all the extra material... yet... but I did manage to read through the three (x2) books in four days, over 1000 pages total. It took a couple of sleepless nights and then some, but it was a great read. There's probably a reason why it's called a classic. :)

Otherwise, hum, I can't think of much to write. Summer is drawing towards a close of curtains and there remains much I have a will to do. I've thought earlier about how it would be good to take any vacation a week or two at a time instead of the full three months. When there's so much time left it's easy to get lazy and leave much that shall be done till the end of the timespan. Speaking from personal experience obviously, but maybe I'm just always tired after a long winter when summer starts, and full of energy again when it's nearing the end. I did more yesterday than I did in my entire first week. Likeso I probably do a days worth of work by the computer here for each hourly visit. I'll see you Sept 03!


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