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In So Long (1:09)

Sitting inside again, living in my dream
Not at the end I'm somewhere in between
Riddles are my friends, they keep me dazed
Keep me gratefully crated they keep me safe

And they keep my dreams at bay! I'm locked in
I want my beastly face to play - like Hopsin
Tell the world what I've got to say what stops him?
It's not hiphop if I jot a lot and then bin it

I've been in it for so long I forget!
What comes next.

Went from stop to finish, missed the start
And I've got to dim the menace, it's been dark
Only words can jerk the art from my scarred heart
A whole carte! Like a whole cart from Walmart

I'm scarred by a lot of stalling
Relentless closed-wall-ins, nights and dark mornings
Plights that I'm calling insights now
In this light they don't seem quite as appalling

I've been in for so long I forget it!
I'd better get ready.

I never ate lots of squashed spinach
But I should've, to prop up the mop of my image
Somewhere along this plot I mixed hiphop in it
Now I pour out all that I've got in this bi'niss and it's the

Same old flow full of shame and woe
Same old lines full of pain and slice of life
The same old life full of fight and plight
You know how it goes, as soon as I get on the mic

And then it's all right.


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