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In the Blood (2014)

In the Blood (2014)

If you liked Haywire, then you'll love this. It has the same actress (Gina Carano), and the same gritty, fast-paced, action-filled, down-to-Earth, violent style of filmography too. Reading her biography, it turns out she likes to fight, and has a history with Muai Thai fighting - so that's just perfect. She isn't just tough but perennially pretty, and I wish she'd star in more of these movies!

The plot is simple: Ava (that's Gina) and Derek (Cam Gigandet) get married, they go on a honeymoon on a remote island, and during a transport to the hospital after Derek falls from a zip-liner... he disappears. The police aren't willing to help, so Gina goes on a sole vendetta against the criminal underworld of the island, uncovers truths, stumbles upon allies and enemies alike and deals a whole lot of damage. It's action as it should be, gritty and great, with a clearly differentiated protagonist/antagonist, twists, twerks, fists, perks and plenty of pummeling, tumbling, stunning, shunning and a barrio laid to shambles with that one final showdown.

There are no explosions though. Maybe that says more about the movie than I can. It's realistically gritty - just like Haywire. Not that I mind flashy, fiery awesome explosions, but that's not the style of this flick, and I don't mind this either. In fact - it feels refreshing and professional and I'll probably feel the same way about the next fire-full B-movie I watch after this.:) Great movie.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle


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