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In The Line Of Duty 2 - Yes, Madam (1985)

Yes, Madam (1985)

Prepare for some great Hong Kong action! Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock play police officers, a trio of actors I recognize but don't know the names of play bait and a group of other people play violent thugs. The plot is rather generic, but there are some pretty nice stunts, there's jumping down stairs, falling/swinging/jumping through glassy obstacles, occasional explosions and some vehicular damage and of course plenty of martial arts fighting.

It also looks like Samo Hung directed this movie! He makes a short appearance himself, but I'm surprised, it looks like he, Yuen and Jackie all started directing their own movies early on in their careers. This may not be the best-acted most-realistic piece of action you'll find, but if you like HK action from the 90s, then you know what to expect. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

UPD: Found out this was the second movie in the 'In The Line Of Duty' series. Be sure to check out the others! I watched/reviewed them all later on; they're all great.

July, 2021

In the Line Of Duty 2 - Police Assassins (1985)

Michelle Yeoh's still at it! With good company of the legendary Cynthia Rothrock in this one, when she was in her prime and really earned her B-movie goddess title. I miss these days. Yeoh's not bad either of course. She seems like a whole new person compared to how she was in the first movie. New haircut. New tan. New smile and everything. Like either she had a great vacation or gained a well-earned dose of confidence since.

She and Cynthia jump through glass walls like it's air, chasing a killer and a misplaced microfilm item, with comedic help from mainly Hoi Mang, John Sham and Hark Tsui, and are joined by if for just a short moment icons Sammo Hung and Fat Chung (or was I about to mention somewhere else as the second one here...?). Eddie Maher gets a real fight scene too for once, as do the bosses' most memorable henchmen. I oughta remember names better.

Compared to all other movies in the series this definitely comes across as the one with the highest budget, and polish, and at least a few death-defying stunts just in the final showdown. Do wonder what really happened to the guy who crashed through the glass fountain too, and the stuntman who flipped over the edge. Sometimes wish they had a behind the scenes bit after so you know they're okay...

Feels like the comedic elements somewhat interfere with what's really otherwise an unusually intense plotline, but the entertainment's there too in the moment. And it ends with a moment, as a lot of these movies do. Not with the all red threads tied up conclusively, but the one, that one's definitely done.

 rated 4.5/5: almost awesome

Possibly the greatest movie quote of all time btw, in the maybe badly translated words of the main villain:

I like to laugh a lot. That's why I laugh so much. Hahahaha!


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