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In The Line Of Duty 2 - Yes, Madam (1985)

Yes, Madam (1985)

Prepare for some great Hong Kong action! Michelle Yeoh and Cynthia Rothrock play police officers, a trio of actors I recognize but don't know the names of play bait and a group of other people play violent thugs. The plot is rather generic, but there are some pretty nice stunts, there's jumping down stairs, falling/swinging/jumping through glassy obstacles, occasional explosions and some vehicular damage and of course plenty of martial arts fighting.

It also looks like Samo Hung directed this movie! He makes a short appearance himself, but I'm surprised, it looks like he, Yuen and Jackie all started directing their own movies early on in their careers. This may not be the best-acted most-realistic piece of action you'll find, but if you like HK action from the 90s, then you know what to expect. Good watch.

 rated 4/5: fo shizzle

UPD: Found out this was the second movie in the 'In The Line Of Duty' series. Be sure to check out the others! I watched/reviewed them all later on; they're all great.


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